Administrative & Clinical Leadership

Nicolette Harvey

Administrator, BayPointe Hospital & Residential

Nicolette Harvey, LICSW, brings a wealth of experience and leadership to her role as hospital administrator at BayPointe within AltaPointe Health. Since joining the organization in 2014 as the hospital coordinator for BayPointe, Harvey has held several key positions, including coordinator of substance abuse services and assistant director at BayPointe, before advancing to oversee the clinical teams at both BayPointe and EastPointe Hospitals as the associate director. Before joining AltaPointe, Nicolette was the clinical director for two residential treatment facilities in New Orleans, demonstrating her ability to lead and manage complex healthcare environments effectively. Harvey holds a bachelor’s in social work from Auburn University and a master’s from Florida State University. Her educational background and experience in healthcare administration and clinical management positions her as a dynamic leader within the organization, driving innovation and excellence in patient care at BayPointe.

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