Employee Assistance Program

BayView EAP Can Strengthen Your Team

Employee in industrial plantSuccessful business owners recognize that everyday life stresses can cause severe damage to on-the-job performance. Studies show that employees trying to cope with distressing personal issues are more likely to be involved in accidents, make imprudent decisions or abuse sick leave.

More than 36,000 employees and their family members living in the Mobile Bay region are covered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by BayView with offices in Mobile and Fairhope, Ala.

Employers contract with BayView EAP because they make their employees’ well-being a priority. They want to give them an opportunity to receive help with unresolved life problems and, ultimately, to achieve balance in their lives.

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How can a business offer the BayView EAP?

Employers that want to offer their employees a confidential, professional place to receive personal counseling may enter into a contractual agreement with the BayView Employee Assistance Program. BayView EAP provides employers with the appropriate tools to help their employees who are experiencing life problems.

What services are designed for business owners and their employees?

Services offered through BayView include:

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Brief solution-focused counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Critical incident stress debriefing

Does BayView ever refer patients to other providers?

Yes. BayView’s professional clinicians refer clients to another provider if, after assessment and using best-practice treatment approaches, it is determined that a different level of care is more appropriate. For instance, BayView professionals will refer individuals whose impairment they believe requires a more intensive level of service to another provider.

What are the benefits to employers?

  • Lowers employee absenteeism
  • Reduces labor grievances
  • Helps retain good, productive employees
  • Reduces dollar cost per day by helping employees return to work quickly

What are the benefits to employees?

  • Offers debriefing sessions for crisis intervention and coping with workplace violence, death or accident
  • Assists employees with work performance issues such as: drug or alcohol problems, other health issues, anger management, marital, family, employee, or supervisor conflicts
  • Provides consultation with supervisors/managers regarding managing problem employees
  • Offers U.S. Department of Transportation-approved Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Assessment at an additional cost

What is a supervisor’s role with BayView EAP?

When a supervisor sees that an employee has problems that continue and do not improve, the supervisor might consider dismissing such an employee. If the company has contracted for an EAP with BayView, supervisors could refer troubled employees for confidential assessment and short-term counseling instead of resorting to termination. Employers should encourage supervisors to refer employees to the EAP when personal issues begin to affect them negatively. This way the company can assist the employee and hopefully retain a valuable worker.

Will discussions with the counselor be kept confidential?

Yes. We require our counselors and staff to maintain confidentiality. This is an ethical obligation we guarantee to all employees. Every counselor abides by this regulation. Written permission must be given before information can be shared.

If an employee seeks help, is his/her job at risk?

No. Using BayView EAP services will in no way jeopardize job security or promotional opportunities.

How much will EAP services cost an employee?

Zero. In fact, employees are encouraged to use EAP services whenever help is needed or assistance is needed in managing job or family responsibilities. EAP counseling is available for problems that can be resolved in a short time. The number of sessions depends on each particular case and the employer’s contract with BayView. Referrals are made for problems requiring more time.

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