Year In Review 2023

This year has been one of profound resilience and expansion for AltaPointe and the Accordia Health brand, and this annual report is a testament to the transformative impact our organization has had on the lives of the people we serve. At the heart of our success is the strength of the partnerships we have built with fellow providers, the judicial system, law enforcement, and higher education—an interconnected community that embraces and supports one another. This report highlights how our compassionate care contributes to the well-being of the individuals we serve and the communities we call home.

Over the past fiscal year, AltaPointe has experienced remarkable growth, significantly increasing the number of patients served and expanding the range of services provided. In the summer of 2023, the Ashland Outpatient Clinic in Clay County opened for patients, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s unwavering commitment to meeting the communities’ evolving behavioral healthcare needs.

In 2023, AltaPointe’s primary care division, Accordia Health, expanded its holistic healthcare approach through a strategic partnership with USA Health’s Department of Family Medicine. This collaboration unites the shared missions of both organizations through an integrated healthcare delivery clinic.

In our North Region, AltaPointe is very fortunate to have had the opportunity to offer clinic space to two other entities in the Rockford community to enhance healthcare delivery further.  In the fall of 2023, the Alabama Department of Public Health re-established a Coosa County Health Department, and Rockford Pharmacy opened its doors, both occupying available space in the Accordia Health clinic. The collaboration reflects our dedication to enhancing local healthcare accessibility, ensuring the well-being of Coosa County residents, and fostering a healthier community for generations to come.

Across the state, our relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies grew stronger, ensuring a more compassionate and effective approach to addressing mental health emergencies. These collaborations enhance the safety of individuals in crisis and promote a more informed, empathetic response.

As we continue to break stigmas and build hope, we are committed to fostering a culture of wellness. AltaPointe remains dedicated to championing behavioral and primary health equity, ensuring everyone has access to the quality healthcare they deserve regardless of background, circumstance, or where they live.



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