Medical Education

AltaPointe Health contracts with the University of South Alabama to provide administration and faculty for the USA College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. AltaPointe provides both clinical and didactic teaching, which includes lectures and training to residents, medical students, certified registered nurse practitioner students and physician assistant students.

AltaPointe’s psychiatrists are faculty for the department. All of the psychiatrists are either board certified or preparing to take their board examinations. Most of them have at least one sub-specialty, such as, child and adolescent psychiatry or forensic psychiatry.

The agreement strengthens the relationship between AltaPointe and the university. Because of the arrangement, the university is not required to hire psychiatrists from across the United States or from other countries. In addition, AltaPointe hopes that USA medical residents who declare psychiatry as a specialty will remain in Mobile to practice, which helps to increase the pool of psychiatrists in the Mobile Bay region.


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