What questions might I be asked?

  • Have you ever been a patient at AltaPointe?
  • Describe your current signs/symptoms.
  • Are you able to sleep? Is your sleep affected?
  • Have you had an increase or decrease in appetite?
  • Do you believe you are a danger to yourself?
  • Do you believe you are a danger to others?
  • Do you have any risk factors? (Click to view)
    Risk factors may include:
    ­    Hallucinations
    ­    Delusions
    ­    Paranoia
    ­    Family history of substance abuse/mental Illness
    ­    No support system
  • Do you have any involvement with the police or courts?
  • Do you have any medical problems?
  • Are you experiencing any physical or sexual abuse?
  • Do you believe you may have a substance abuse problem?
  • Have you had previous behavioral health counseling or treatment?
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