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AltaPointe Health Systems, Inc.’s Purchasing Department is dedicated to procuring the highest quality products and services at the best value to ensure our continued commitment to excellence in the care and service we provide to our patients, our community partners and our staff.

AltaPointe is Alabama’s largest and most comprehensive behavioral healthcare and psychiatric hospital system and the second largest in the southeastern United States serving Mobile, Baldwin, and Washington counties in south Alabama and Clay, Coosa, Randolph, and Talladega counties to the north. Using specialized training, best clinical practices, and innovative technology, we provide care in outpatient, residential, psychiatric hospitals, and primary care settings.  AltaPointe employs 1,450 people and serves more than 34,000 individuals annually.

AltaPointe Purchasing Department
Contracting, procurement, and disbursement of products and services for the more than 60 divisions, programs and locations are centrally-managed through the Purchasing Department.  By consolidating, the contracting, procurement, and cost discussions, AltaPointe is able to control the adherence to quality standards and ethical practices by outside vendors, other resources as well as its staff.

The Purchasing Department includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Vendor Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Courier System
  • Medical Equipment Management Plan
  • Product Evaluation
  • Travel Accommodations
  • Transportation Services
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contract Negotiations

It is important that potential vendors, read and understand the AltaPointe Health Purchasing Department’s mission and ethical standards as well as all policies and guidelines provided throughout the vendor section of this website.

Our intention is for all interactions with our vendors to be fully transparent. While we have provided clear guidelines, questions may arise.  If you have any questions about these policies and guidelines, email Purchasing@AltaPointe.org  or call (251) 662-7313 for more information.

Purchasing Department Guiding Ethical Values

AltaPointe’s Purchasing Department is charged with managing the relationships with our vendors, assuring them of a full and fair hearing, and maintaining a level playing field with respect to bids, proposals, agreements and contracts.

The Purchasing Department staff are held to a high ethical standard in our relationships with all vendors of AltaPointe.  We believe it is important for you, as a prime trading partner, to understand our vendor policies regarding vendor relationships and our responsibility to enforce those policies.

In addition to being bound by the overall AltaPointe code of conduct and its guidance on gifts and amenities from vendors, Purchasing Department staff cannot accept gifts or amenities from vendors under any circumstances. Please ask your representatives who interact with the AltaPointe Purchasing Department not to offer any gifts or amenities of any value and to avoid placing any of our staff in any situation that could affect their employment with AltaPointe.

Purchasing Department Mission

As a department of Finance & Accounting, the Purchasing Department will provide procurement expertise to assure the timely acquisition and distribution of goods and services for the continuum in accordance with policies and procedures established by AltaPointe Health Systems, Inc. We are committed to working with all departments of the company to identify, develop, and implement procurement practices that will find the right products and services to meet the support needs of AltaPointe.

Purchasing Department Policies

Contracting Policy

  • Relationships with vendors are managed only through the Purchasing Department.
  • Contract/agreement negotiations are only conducted by the Purchasing Department.
  • No disbursements will be issued without the approval of the Purchasing Department through properly executed Purchase Orders issued prior to the delivery of goods or the performance of services.
  • AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations will obtain the appropriate departmental authorization and contact the Purchasing Department prior to contacting vendors.
  • Contract signing authority is limited to the designated AltaPointe Corporate Officers only.
  • Vendors will adhere to AltaPointe terms & conditions. Any exceptions will need to be reviewed and may promote delays.

Price Parity Policy

  • Vendors will provide pricing consistency across all AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations.
  • Contracts facilitated by the Purchasing Department are applicable to all AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations.

Routine Order Form Policy

  • The Purchasing Department is solely responsible for the addition, deletion, or changes to items on the routine order forms for office and janitorial supplies.
  • The Purchasing Department will not add items where acceptable alternatives are currently in the AltaPointe Purchasing Department order guides.
  • The Purchasing Department will not add items without the additional approval of the upper leadership when additional costs will be incurred.

Vendor Access Policy

  • All vendors must follow each AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations; local access plan, which may include being escorted by AltaPointe staff.
  • Local access plans should include a requirement for the vendor to stipulate the purpose of the visit and whether an advance appointment has been made.
  • The AltaPointe Purchasing Department will assist managers of divisions, programs and locations to insure compliance with their vendor access plans.

No PO – No Pay Policy

  • To ensure AltaPointe pay only for goods and services which have been properly ordered and authorized, invoices must contain a valid PO number for non-routine purchases.
  • The vendor will receive a Purchase Order number from the Purchasing Department prior to any commitment made.
  • Routine purchases for items such as office and janitorial supplies do not require a PO number.

Purchasing Department Vendor Application Process

Vendors who wish to do business with AltaPointe must follow the appropriate steps to be considered and approved. To expedite the process and insure fair practices, we ask vendors to adhere to the procedures. To begin the process, visit the Vendor Forms and Information page.

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