Our Medical Team

Severin Grenoble, MD

Dr. Grenoble has joined AltaPointe Health working with adults at EastPointe Hospital and performing psychiatric consultations at area hospitals. He attended the University of Washington for his undergraduate education and received honors in graduate level research and publications in physical chemistry. He graduated summa cum laude and then attended the University of Washington School of Medicine graduating with honors, as well as performing bench-work studies in mesenchymal stem cell research. Grenoble served as chief resident of psychiatry at the University of South Alabama during 2011-2012. Also, he served in the Alabama Psychiatric Society as a member-in-training representative to the American Psychiatric Association during 2011-2012. He received Best Resident Teacher’s Awards in both 2010 and 2011. Grenoble has coauthored a chapter in the Clinics of North America Child & Adolescent Psychiatry entitled “Pharmacotherapies for Adolescent Substance Use Disorders” in 2010. His academic interests include general psychiatry, pain and addiction medicine.

Most recently, AltaPointe has begun expanding its hospital consultation services in Baldwin County, and she has agreed to become the Baldwin County consultation/liaison psychiatrist, the AHS provider for these services.