AltaPointe specialists use a secure video transmission called telehealth to deliver the best care available to residents of Mobile, Baldwin and Washington counties in our southern region and  Clay, Coosa, Randolph, and Talladega counties in our northern region.  Our patients benefit from improved access to the most highly trained psychiatric professionals in our area, while travel time for patients and physicians is dramatically reduced.

Clinical uses include real-time video conference transmissions of medical data and/or high definition images for diagnosis or disease management. This innovative use of technology allows our providers to more efficiently deliver health services, provide education and even respond immediately to a far-away crisis in progress. Effective patient monitoring and follow-up can often take place without the inconvenience of travel to a central location.

Non-clinical benefits include distance education, such as continuing medical education, research collaboration, and patient education. Our administrators use telehealth to conduct meetings, provide supervision and even deliver presentations in a more timely and cost-efficient manner. Telehealth is just one example of the many ways AltaPointe harnesses technology to improve the mental health of our patients.