Reaching & Encouraging Active Parenting – REAP

REAP-counselingConflicts between a child and parent can negatively affect the parent-child bond and without intervention can lead to serious difficulties in the relationship. AltaPointe’s program for educating parents – Reaching & Encouraging Active Parenting (REAP) – can help strengthen that bond and maintain a healthy relationship.

REAP offers hope to families by helping parents understand their children’s needs and behavior and their own parental responsibilities. The program teaches positive steps that parents can take to help their children develop healthy and productive lifestyles.

REAP-family-dinnerREAP is only offered in Baldwin County and accepts children up to age 12. Referrals for REAP may come from a variety of sources including the Baldwin County School System, Baldwin County Department of Human Resources, Early Intervention Services, physicians and parents.

The program consists of 12 in-home sessions individualized to each family. Families may be seen more than once a week if the circumstances merit a more intensive approach. Home visits are usually scheduled during daytime hours; however, accommodations may be made to meet the needs of working parents.

REAP services include:Father and son playing soccer

  • Promoting healthy communication
  • Understanding your child’s behavior
  • Understanding yourself as a parent
  • Approaches to encouragement
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