Therapy & Psychiatric Services

Therapy-Psychiatric-Services-Child-in-ParkAltaPointe’s outpatient services for children include a wide variety of programs designed to treat numerous mental health issues. Children receiving outpatient services may exhibit emotional and/or behavioral problems. They may have socialization impairments which cause difficulty at school and at home. They may have been abused, neglected or delinquent. Children in these circumstances and myriad other difficult situations can benefit from therapies focused on stabilization, symptom reduction and problem resolution.

The type of outpatient treatment a child receives is highly variable and depends on the child’s symptoms, developmental level and individual needs. Treatment may include supportive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic family therapy, behavior modification, social skills training, play therapy and expressive therapy. They may need individual therapy or group therapy, stress management or anger management instruction, coping skills or interpersonal skills training. Each child’s personalized treatment plan is designed to meet their specific needs.

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