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Crisis Services

Crisis Intervention

The primary purpose of crisis intervention is to reduce the intensity of the immediate situation and help the patient overcome obstacles created by the traumatic episode. After the immediate crisis is diffused, patients are instructed in problem solving and coping skills that may help to avert future crises. A crucial benefit of crisis counseling is the prevention of serious long-term problems associated with the traumatic event.

Crisis Response Team

If you find yourself or a loved one in the midst of a psychiatric crisis, AltaPointe can respond in person with a team of mental health professionals specifically trained to handle emergencies. Our Crisis Response Teams can provide additional services for you during those times of crisis by coming to you wherever you are in Mobile, Baldwin and Washington counties.

Our Crisis Response Team (CRT) members are experts at working with family members, law enforcement and hospital emergency room personnel to diffuse any imminent danger and stabilize the patient. Team members encourage patients in crisis to cooperate with appropriate follow-up treatment so they may avoid unnecessary or involuntary hospitalization. Professional intervention and proper treatment help most patients eventually transcend the crisis and restore their mental health balance.

Crisis Diversion Unit

The Crisis Diversion program works with local law enforcement groups to provide
community-based mental health intervention to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The main goal of the program is to provide individuals the services they need by diverting them away from incarceration and toward treatment.

Services are available by calling (251) 450-2211 or (888) 335-3044. The center is located at 2401 Gordon Smith Drive (Fred Delchamps Center).

COVID-19 Crisis Counseling Services | Alabama Apart Together Program

Our counselors can provide confidential support during the COVID-19 crisis for both you and your family, at no cost to you. And if you are uncomfortable asking for help, you may receive counseling anonymously by phone.

For more information click here: Alabama Apart Together Program.

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