Child and Adolescent Crisis Response Team – Mobile & Baldwin Counties

Sometimes children need extra help especially in times of crisis.

Mobile and Baldwin Counties

The primary goal of the Child and Adolescent Crisis Response Team is to help find a resolution for children in crisis so they can remain safely in their homes and communities.

The team serves children and adolescents involved with the Department of Human Resources who are experiencing a significant behavioral health crisis.

Who is eligible to receive CRT services?
• Children and adolescents up to age 21
• A child or adolescent experiencing a behavioral health crisis which requires immediate support
• A child or family which is involved with the Department of Human Resources

What service is provided?
A two-person outreach team will:
• Meet with the child and family in the home, school or community to listen to concerns and understand more about their crisis experience.
• Provide intensive crisis interventions and de-escalation techniques to help resolve the crisis the child is experiencing.
• Conduct an assessment that includes a discussion about the child’s strengths, supports, and resources.
• Complete a risk assessment to review safety concerns.
• Develop a safety plan with the child and their family.
• Provide links to appropriate resources, as needed.
• Follow up with the child and their family after the initial crisis response.

How to access the child and adolescent crisis response services in your county:
Baldwin County: (251) 461-4242
Mobile County: (251) 461-3455


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