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Working in the mental health field

I would recommend it because it is a much needed field that we need nurses in and medical workers. But leave that stigma out of it, because everyone needs care. It doesn’t matter who you are or income, or your gender or your race…mental illness is a very serious disease that we have in our country these days….and we need good, hard, dedicated workers to work in this field and it is very rewarding, and challenging, and I love it. I would not change it for anything.

I like my job here. I have been here for 15 years. I really enjoy working with the residents, I spent many years in military and always been in helping field and I feel my little part will help these residents succeed in their lives.”

So, the first call I had as a crisis call was someone that literally had a who had a razor against her arm and was about to cut herself…that was my first crisis call, and I stayed on that call for about an hour, and I stayed on that call until she was able to reach her sister, and her sister came, I spoke to her sister, to make sure she was there, and they took her to the ER. She had just been discharged from EastPointe to me it stood out because it was the first life I was able to save…and it is my passion, as I said before. So, it helps you get through the day knowing you are helping people, even if it in a small way like making an apt. it really, really helps them.