Corporate Overview

What We Do

AltaPointe’s four main divisions of service include inpatient, outpatient, residential and specialized services. Through this continuum of care, children, adolescents and adults receive psychiatric services, behavioral and emotional counseling services, residential services, substance abuse treatment, developmental disability case management and supportive housing and employment services.

AltaPointe’s array of outpatient and residential services is extensive. Children’s outpatient services are offered in seven locations, with case managers and therapists working with patients and their families in their homes, schools and throughout the community. Adult outpatient services are offered in eight locations, with special teams reaching out to patients in the court system, their homes, on the streets or anywhere they may need our assistance.

Residential services include two adolescent transitional age group homes, 25 scattered-site adult group homes, two adult intermediate care facilities and 12 adult foster homes.

Our continuum also includes two free-standing psychiatric hospitals. AltaPointe is the only community mental health center in Alabama that operates its own hospitals. EastPointe Hospital serves adults 19 and older in a modern, high-tech facility located in Daphne. BayPointe Children’s Hospital is the only psychiatric inpatient facility for children in the Gulf Coast region and is located in Mobile.

Specialized clinical services include psychiatric consultation and care provided by our psychiatrists to acute hospital patients in Mobile who have been admitted to Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Providence Hospital, Springhill Medical Center and University of South Alabama Hospitals.

A leader in collaboration and innovation, AltaPointe also has developed a unique collaboration with the University of South Alabama in Mobile through which our psychiatrists serve as the faculty and administration for the USA College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. No other such relationship exists anywhere else in the United States.

AltaPointe has embraced the latest technology to enhance the services we provide. We began implementing the use of electronic medical records (EMR) more than a decade ago as a vehicle to improve patient care. We use TeleHealth, which is a specialized technology service that gives patients remote access to our highly trained psychiatric professionals while travel time for patients and physicians is dramatically reduced.

At AltaPointe, we continually work to make access to care easier for patients and to identify the need for services and to provide more services to the community. To inquire about scheduling an initial appointment or to learn more about our services, please call CarePointe, our access-to-care call center at (251) 450-2211. CarePointe’s numbers are answered 24/7. In addition, our professional counselors respond to crisis calls received on the CarePointe line.