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Welcome to AltaPointe Health’s team

When we talk about this team and where we want to go and this organization. We think of each of those positions, the therapist, behavioral aides, people in administrative role, people in medical roles such as psychiatrist and primary care positions that work for us. We think every one of those roles plays a vital part in success of this organization.

The one thing about being in this industry is that our jobs are very challenging. As a behavioral aide, a therapist or a doctor you are going to have some of the most challenging days ahead of you, that you have probably every had. But you are also going to have some of the most rewarding. You have to take time and think about the lives you are changing and how yoyu are making folks really reover the best that they can recover.

We ask all employees to give us your best, your highest productivity levels that you can give us, and as much of what you have been taught throughout your education, throughout your previous years so we want our organization to be the leader in this industry. We want to be here for you and your family for years to come. It is going to take a full team effort.”