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What is Mental Health First Aid?

“This program is designed to help laypeople who are not familiar with this field have a better understanding of mental illness, substance abuse, and crisis that someone, not only a family member, may be going through not to be alarmed so you will know exactly how to help them so as not to make the situation worse.”

“Mental Health First Aid is a good way to learn perfect things to say to somebody and getting the general information about people with schizophrenia, or anxiety problems or substance abuse issues or depression and learning facts about mental illness…instead of the media perception on different things.”

“They do have pre-conceived notions about what mental illness is. One of them is that people with mental illness are dangerous. That’s really false…misconception. Most (people) are more of a danger to themselves than they are to others.”

“I think everybody ought to take this class because it is just something everyone needs to know and be able to recognize the early symptoms and warning signs of someone that may be having an emotional distressed time and how you can help that person.”