Five-Star Customer CARE

What is Five-Star Customer CARE?

AltaPointe established its Five-Star Customer CARE program to embody AltaPointe’s commitment to strengthening and continually improving customer-focused service. AltaPointe’s administration and board of directors believe that each staff member should exhibit exceptional customer service performance with every interaction, every day.

“Five-Star” empowers staff members by providing them with training, and written standards of CARE.

We encourage our staff members to embrace the AltaPointe standards of CARE: Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful and Encouraging which define how staff members work and serve all customers.

Five-Star Training

Our staff members are introduced to the Five-Star program during AltaPointe’s new-hire orientation. This initial training builds an understanding of the service concept and helps to create a service excellence culture.

Five-Star Standards

The Five-Star Customer CARE Standards of CARE help employees understand AltaPointe’s expectations for interaction with customers. AltaPointe employees receive printed copies of the 5SCC Standards. 5SCC encourages each employee to adhere to these expected behaviors and to practice them diligently. AltaPointe’s ongoing commitment to and application of 5SCC standards ensures a more pleasant and professional environment for employees and all other customers.

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