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What is the Bridge Team

I help people that don’t understand that they need help. We are there for people who feel like they do not have many other pieces of support. We are there people for who don’t feel like they have anybody to help them out.

I typically call the bridge team and analogous to a trampoline…when people come in the first time, we get them when they feel like they are falling, we will catch them it may feel like get a little bit lower when we start working with them, but the point is to bounce them back up top where they want to be and typically the higher level of functioning than they thought they were capable of.

If they have a new diagnosis, if they have limited social support…if they are not complaint with medications, repeated hospitalizations, they will come and see us, and we will talk to them about what level of care they need. We will typically see people more frequent than the other therapist.