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Focus on Quality

How We Approach Safety

Safety-Storm-prepSafety is a continuous priority at AltaPointe Health. The focus on quality drives its entire staff to go the extra mile to make sure patients receive the best care in the safest environment. This effort is illustrated through the rigorous training our janitorial staff members undergo, the high expectations AltaPointe has for its vendors and contractors in the areas of safety and craftsmanship, as well as the continual training of our dietary staff to provide healthy and delicious meals for our patients.

The AltaPointe Environment of Care department works to ensure the safety and well-being of all patients, staff members and visitors at all of the more than 50 facilities in the AltaPointe continuum. The EOC department oversees maintenance, housekeeping, food services, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery. Through various committees and from employee participation, AltaPointe creates the best environment where its patients receive services and our employees work.

Safety-ProceduresAll AltaPointe staff members receive training about the importance of personal and workplace safety awareness. They are taught to be aware of potential hazards and to use official procedures to prevent accidents. They also are expected to learn and be able to apply the protocols in specific cases of hazardous incidents, which may involve chemicals, driving a vehicle, fire, injuries, security breaches, or severe weather. Staff members are taught to wash their hands often and anytime they may have been exposed to contamination. Being consistent and using appropriate hand-washing methods prevent infection and the spread of disease.

Above all, EOC staff members are trained to be customer-service driven and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to recovery.

To ensure that all AltaPointe facilities are compliant with the standards of care set by the Joint Commission, surveyors tour AltaPointe’s facilities every three years.

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