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AltaPointe Stars of the Year 2014

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AltaPointe has one mission…to plan and facilitate a comprehensive, behavioral healthcare system that promotes the wellness and recovery of people living with mental illness.

We achieve this goal with employees who are courageous in the face of change as our organization grows to serve even more people with exceptional customer service.

AltaPointe is proud to recognize these employees through its AltaPraise program. Patients, their families and coworkers submitted nearly 400 AltaPraise cards this past year and after a thorough selection process, 8 individuals were selected as our 2014 AltaPointe Stars of the Year.

Listen as each one explains their role when it comes to changing lives.

Our first star of the year is RITA METZ, CarePointe specialist.


Rita’s sweet spirit and genuine concern for others comes across daily. She spends the majority of her time on the phone as the first line of help for people coping with mental illness. She demonstrates compassion and a willingness to help regardless of who is on the other side of the call.

“Being a CarePointe specialist has really changed me. It has opened my eyes to the great need of mental health services in the community. So when I answer a call, it could be something as small as scheduling an appointment for continued services to answering a crisis call for someone who is about to end their life and being able to respond to that call and provide whatever those services may be it is very rewarding.”

Rita’s co-workers praise her for her consistent customer care in an ever changing environment as well as her drive to seek out new responsibilities within CarePointe.

“Whenever something comes up she is always willing to take it on and learn a new skill and to support the team.”

Our next star of the year is JENNIFER HORNUNG, assistant nurse manager with adult residential services.


Jennifer joined AltaPointe following the merger with Baldwin County Mental Health. Co-workers say she has stood out as a star from day one, always one step ahead of what need to be done while embracing change.

“Jennifer is very deserving of this award. She is somebody that has jumped in right from the beginning and been a leader for the other nurses in Baldwin County. From the very get go everyone I have come in contact with has praised her for her job performance and what she has done for us as a team”

Jennifer says her job has changed since the merger…before she did everything from cook lunch for residents to drive them to doctor appointments. Now she is able to perform the nursing duties she was trained for…all the while demonstrating five star customer service.

“Originally, I was an ICU trauma nurse. I did everything at a fast pace. The decisions I made affected someone right then and there. Now psychiatric nursing has opened up a whole new world of patience to me. I’ve learned the decisions I made today are not necessarily going to have an immediate reaction. It’s going to be months or a year after that.”

Up next on this year’s star roster…KIM DYSON, BayView therapist.


Kim is praised time and again by the people she cares for and co-workers alike. Patients describe their time with Kim as life changing.

“Absolutely, it is very cliché to say that she saved my life, but she really did. Going through as a cancer patient she taught me how to put those kinds of problems in perspective and what kinds of things I can control and what I cannot control and 80 percent of what happens in one’s life is out of their control. She taught me how to live life for everyday and not try to be in control of it or try and predict what would to happed, because we cannot control what is going to happen. It made me a better man, a better person, a better husband, a better father to my children and it really did save my life.”

Co-workers say Kim displays exceptional customer service by working late hours to accommodate clients, offering support during crisis, and always puts the needs of others first.

“It’s like when I first see a patient, I see their potential , and you know I just get excited about working with that individual and just pouring into them the skills they need to become who they want to be.”

Our next star is a slam dunk when it comes to providing winning customer service. DANTE CRENSHAW, Transitions Team therapist.

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Dante works to help troubled teens and their families get back on track. His mantra – be the change you want to see in the world.

“A lot of the kids I deal with come from single family households and for some them thru their interaction with me, that is they only exposure to a male figure in their life. I feel like I bring something a little different. I believe in structure, I believe in discipline, all of those things that can make you successful as a man. That’s the key and I try to pass on that to these kids as well as mine.”

Dante is praised for his dedication to the young people he serves. He’s known for organizing basketball tournaments and pick-up games to give kids something to do during non-school hours. This former cop’s commitment to five star customer service is unmatched.

Next up in our star line up…SARAH CURRIE, juvenile court liaison.   Sarah’s commitment to five star customer service helps teens struggling to find a positive path change their lives.

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She’s known for going the extra mile to help teens in need connect with AltaPointe’s continuum of care…often times working extra hours and taking on extra duties.

“I feel like I get the most challenging cases because the judges or parole officers will come to me and say what do we do in this situation where we’ve already done everything? But it’s very rewarding when you see kids and their family’s get the help they need to go in the right direction and get back on track.”

Sarah is described by co-workers as efficient, enthusiastic and kind. Her steadfast approach to promote positive relationships and cooperation with all parties involved in the legal process is unsurpassed.

“Sarah Currie is a flexible person, she is so easy to work with and she will do whatever it takes to get job done. She is a true asset to BayPointe.”

Our next star is found walking the halls of BayPointe Hospital. JUANITA JOHNSON, therapist.


Juanita is a praised by co-workers, outside vendors and patients for her warm and caring demeanor. Her positive personality puts patients and their families at ease and promotes change.

“I just got finished telling Mrs. Juanita Johnson that her heart was bigger than her job. I’m very thankful for her concern for the children their welfare for their lives. She’s treated all of us, and cares for the kids.”

Co-workers say she is a team leader with a contagious smile, and genuine ability to care for others who need it the most. Her job brings her into contact with people who are at their sickest…and she provides an avenue for them to recover.

“I truly enjoy helping people and helping them feel good about themselves and realize we’re not alone in the mental illness and just there are problems that people don’t know how to get thru without some help.”

Next up in our star roll out is CHRISTE ELLIS, nurse manager adult outpatient services.


Christe is praised by her co-workers for going above and beyond to help during a crisis. They say she does so with calmness and compassion all the while making sure patient needs are met.

“I was honored that people thought that much of me to nominate me to be a star and that they appreciated the things that I do, and recognized the hard work. Really made me feel appreciated.”

Christe’s commitment to five star customer service never wavered during the recent changes implemented due to the merger with Baldwin County. These days Christe is found on both side of the bay. Co-workers say her approach to care shows she understands each day is a chance to change someone’s life.

“She is one of our best employees. She is always been there for me and never hesitated anytime I present a new challenge she is always excited and helps everyone else come on board.”

Final star of the year is ANNE CHIPMAN, assistant director for child and adolescent outpatient services in Fairhope.


New to AltaPointe, following the merger with Baldwin County Mental Health, Anne has been described as the shining star in the midst of massive changes.

“Anne is very instrumental in saying it’s going to be ok, and we can do this as a team. She has always evoked that kind of family spirit that we have here on this side of the bay.”

Anne works tirelessly to guarantee that her staff is ahead of all the change. Her optimistic approach and five star customer service skills ensure we will come through this historic era of behavioral healthcare changes in a positive way.

“I didn’t do anything… the team did everything. Olivia, Jason, Robin, Tuerk, everybody, Julie…from the very beginning have been so supportive of me and they’ve helped me along the way. I am just a representative of everyone over here. They all work, I am just representative of the team and I couldn’t have done without them.”

AltaPointe is proud of its 2014 Stars of the Year. All of whom provide five star customer service fulfilling our mission while adapting to change. [sc:EndVideoTranscript ]