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AltaPointe is committed to compassionate care.

“I don’t look at the CEO title as anything I look at myself as a member of a huge team of providers and what I want to know is how can we help you I don’t want you out there struggling whenever we have all the resources that would help you have a better life and help your family members have a better life.

Families are very much struggling at home with crisis after crisis and sometimes that blurs their vision in terms of how to reach out and get the type of help they need. Community mental health centers are notorious for being very difficult to navigate so one of the things we wanted to do is to help these family members get easy access to care and to get quick access to care.

We know that you have special needs and that the needs you have are medically based there is no reason you should have any signal about reaching out and getting help for your mental health problems we know there is no reason you should have any stigma about seeking treatment for your mental health problems.”