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Patient Relations

Patient Relations emphasizes AltaPointe’s priority to provide the utmost in care to the people we serve. Our goal is to strengthen our partnership with patients,
families, and the community.

What is Patient Relations?

• We serve as a liaison and advocate for those we care for and their family.
• We provide a centralized way to address and resolve concerns.
• We measure patient and family satisfaction.
• We share feedback to improve the quality of care we provide.
• We complete onsite program monitoring from a patient perspective.
• We provide resources for individuals as well as provide education regarding policies and procedures.
• We listen and look for solutions.
• We work to build partnerships between patients and staff so that every experience is a good one.

How do I pass along a compliment, file a complaint, or offer other feedback?

If you have compliments, concerns or would like to share information about your experience with AltaPointe, we encourage you to reach out to the program supervisor. If you have a concern but do not feel comfortable or are not satisfied with the response you receive, please reach out to Patient Relations. Praise, concerns or complaints can be made over the phone, in person, by mail or by email without reprisal or the threat of retaliation. Please let us know how we are doing or how we can improve our services.

Contact Patient Relations:

Tel: (833) 921-1811 or (251) 450-4303 
Mail: AltaPointe Health
Attn: Patient Relations
5741 Southland Dr. • Mobile, AL 36693

AltaPointe Annual Report 2020

ALP-9017 Annual Report 2020 FINAL

AltaNews Summer 2020

While many organizations were caught off guard, AltaPointe Health was not, thanks to a pandemic plan that has been in place since 2004. The Summer 2020 edition of AltaNews includes the COVID-19 impact on access to care, chronicles the beginning of a new first episode psychosis program, and announces a fellowship dedicated to providing specialized care to people struggling with addictive disorders.

AltaNews 2020

AltaPointe Annual Report 2019

AltaPointe Annual Report 2019

AltaNews Fall 2019

Inside the Fall 2019 edition of AltaNews learn about the merger between AltaPointe Health and Mobile Arc that builds upon already excellent care provided by improving accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. The newsletter also features AltaPointe efforts to ensure safety, and a new option for treating major depressive disorder.

AltaNews Fall 2019

AltaPointe Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018

Purchasing Department Policies

Contracting Policy

  • Relationships with Vendors are managed only through the Purchasing Department.
  • Contract/agreement negotiations are only conducted by the Purchasing Department.
  • No disbursements will be issued without the approval of the Purchasing Department through properly executed Purchase Orders issued prior to the delivery of goods or the performance of services.
  • AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations will obtain the appropriate departmental authorization and contact the Purchasing Department prior to contacting Vendors.
  • Contract signing authority is limited to the designated AltaPointe Corporate Officers only.
  • Vendors will adhere to AltaPointe terms & conditions. Any exceptions will need to be reviewed and may promote delays.

Price Parity Policy

  • Vendors will provide pricing consistency across all AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations.
  • Contracts facilitated by Purchasing are applicable to all AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations.

Routine Order Form Policy

  • The Purchasing Department is solely responsible for the addition, deletion, or changes to items on the routine order forms for office and janitorial supplies.
  • The Purchasing Department will not add items where acceptable alternatives are currently in the AltaPointe Purchasing Department order guides.
  • The Purchasing Department will not add items without the additional approval of the upper leadership when additional costs will be incurred.

Vendor Access Policy

  • All Vendors must follow each AltaPointe divisions, programs and locations; local access plan, which may include being escorted by AltaPointe staff.
  • Local access plans should include a requirement for the Vendor to stipulate the purpose of the visit and whether an advance appointment has been made.
  • The AltaPointe Purchasing Department will assist managers of divisions, programs and locations to insure compliance with their Vendor access plans.

No PO – No Pay Policy

  • To ensure AltaPointe pay only for goods and services which have been properly ordered and authorized, invoices must contain a valid PO number for non-routine purchases.
  • The Vendor will receive a Purchase Order number from the Purchasing Department prior to any commitment made.
  • Routine purchases for items such as office and janitorial supplies do not require a PO number.

Purchasing Department Guiding Ethical Values

AltaPointe’s Purchasing Department is charged with managing the relationships with our Vendors, assuring them of a full and fair hearing, and maintaining a level playing field with respect to bids, proposals, agreements and contracts.

The Purchasing Department staff are held to a high ethical standard in our relationships with all Vendors of AltaPointe.  We believe it is important for you, as a prime trading partner, to understand our Vendor policies regarding Vendor relationships and our responsibility to enforce those policies.

In addition to being bound by the overall AltaPointe code of conduct and its guidance on gifts and amenities from Vendors, Purchasing Department staff cannot accept gifts or amenities from Vendors under any circumstances. Please ask your representatives who interact with AltaPointe Purchasing Department not to offer any gifts or amenities of any value and to avoid placing any of our staff in any situation that could affect their employment with AltaPointe.

Purchasing Department Mission

As a department of Finance & Accounting, the Purchasing Department will provide procurement expertise to assure the timely acquisition and distribution of goods and services for the continuum in accordance with policies and procedures established by AltaPointe Health Systems, Inc. We are committed to working with all departments of the company to identify, develop, and implement procurement practices that will find the right products and services to meet the support needs of AltaPointe.

AltaNews Winter 2019

Inside the AltaNews Winter 2019 edition, you will learn how successful mergers benefit communities by using advanced technology and increasing services. Also included in the winter edition a look at robotic technology providing a higher level of care at AltaPointe’s Integrated Healthcare Pharmacy, and children’s services continue to grow across the seven-county continuum.

AltaPointe is one of the largest behavioral healthcare and specialty services provider in the southeast. It provides services to people living in Baldwin, Clay, Coosa, Mobile, Randolph, Talladega, and Washington counties. CarePointe, AltaPointe’s access to care, answered more than 86 thousand calls in FY 2018.  Each year, AltaPointe provides services to more than 30,000 children, adolescents, and adults.

AltaNews is a publication for and about AltaPointe Health’s staff members. It is edited by April Douglas, director of public relations, and written by public relations staff members, Donna Glover, and Mayra Quinones, with help from supporting Frances Coleman.

ALtaNews Winter edition 2019




AltaNews Summer 2018

AltaNews Summer 2018

Inside the AltaNews Summer 2018 edition, you will learn about the work AltaPointe physicians are doing to help with the shortage of psychiatrists, steps NAMI is taking to improve the lives of our patients, and what AltaPointe staff are doing to raise suicide awareness.

AltaPointe Annual Report 2017

Annual Report FY 2017 Final Download PDF

AltaNews Winter 2018

AltaNews Winter 2018 

AltaPointe celebrates 60 years of community mental health. The legacy of AltaPointe was born from a need for mental health services 60 years ago when local authorities established Mobile County Community Mental Health. Also in this edition, telehealth helps patients access care, BayPointe Hospital expands its day treatment.

AltaNews Fall 2017

AltaNews Fall 2017

AltaNews Fall 2017 takes an in-depth look at the opioid crisis sweeping the nation, telehealth, and AltaPointe’s help for the homeless.

AltaNews Spring / Summer 2017

AltaNews Spring  / Summer 2017  

Inside this issue, read about how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is helping patients with PTSD. Plus, one patient shares her personal story of life after treatment for anxiety. Also included AltaPointe patients now have a new choice when it comes to filling their prescriptions, and it’s a convenient one.

AltaPointe Annual Report 2016

Download PDF

AltaPointe Annual Report 2016


Download PDF


AltaNews Winter 2017

AltaNews Winter 2017

Inside this edition of AltaNews you will learn more about the merger between AltaPointe and Cheaha. AltaNews writers interviewed staff members in both regions about the changes. You can catch up on the latest in our school-based therapy program and find out about the role peer specialist play in our patients recovery.


AltaNewsOnline Summer/Fall 2016

View the Summer/Fall 2016 online issue

AltaNews Summer/Fall 2016

AltaNews – Summer-Fall 2016


Inside this issue of AltaNews you will find information on our merger with Cheaha Regional Mental Health Center, the importance technology plays in our patient care, and the Baldwin County Community Alliance’s , which operates through AltaPointe, role to keep prescription drugs away from teens.

Release of Health Information

Patients may request release of health information for personal use or to give permission for AltaPointe to release patient information to another individual or organization by doing one of the following:

  1. Visit the AltaPointe Health Information Department at 2400 Gordon Smith Drive, Mobile, AL  36617.
  2. Fax a request for information to (251) 450-1396.
  3. Mail a request to the following address:

AltaPointe Health Information Department
Adult Outpatient Offices
2400 Gordon Smith Dr.
Mobile, AL  36617

AltaPointe’s release of information process has been streamlined by using the “Disclosure Management System” (DMS), a computer database that can produce digital versions of patient information on a CD. Printed copies also can be provided. With the use of DMS, AltaPointe has fulfilled a new requirement of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid called “Meaningful Use,” which is part of the Centers’ “Electronic Health Record Incentive Program.” Questions should be directed to the AltaPointe Health Information Department by calling (251) 450-4352 or by submitting an email with the form below.


    AltaNews Spring 2016

    AltaNews Spring 2016

    Inside the AltaNews Spring 2016 edition read up on Chuck Ingoglia, senior vice president of public policy and practice improvement for The National Council for Behavioral Health, presentation on national trends in behavioral healthcare during the 2015 AltaPointe Annual Meeting. You’ll also meet AltaPointe’s 2015 Stars of the Year.

    AltaPointe Annual Report 2015

    Download PDF


    AltaNews Fall 2015

    AltaNews Fall 2015

    Newly appointed Alabama Commissioner of Mental Health Jim Perdue’s visit to AltaPointe, how day treatment participants battle stigma and new office space for EastPointe Hospital are all covered in the Fall 2015 edition of AltaNews.


    AltaPointe Annual Report 2014

    Download PDF


    AltaNews Spring 2015

    AltaNews’ Spring 2015 edition is out. Inside you’ll find an article about Governor Robert Bentley’s visit to BayPointe Hospital to talk about possible cuts to mental health funding, and how AltaPointe is introducing trauma-informed care via The Grafton Model. AltaNews Spring 2015

    Combating Stigma & Discrimination

    An estimated 50 million Americans experience a mental disorder in a given year, yet people with mental illness would rather tell their employers they have committed a petty crime and were in jail than admit to being in a psychiatric hospital. Why? Because of the stigma that is associated with mental illnesses.

    Stigma results in fear, mistrust, and violence against people living with mental illnesses. Stigma prevents people from receiving needed mental health services. Stigma is a barrier and discourages individuals and their families from getting the help they need due to fear of being discriminated against.

    Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

    AltaPointe works to end stigma against mental illness

    For more resources about overcoming the stigma of mental illness go to:

    From Exclusion to Belonging: Transforming Mental Health Care in America

    Mental health: Overcoming the stigma of mental illness

    Visiting BayPointe Children’s Hospital & Residential Treatment Program

    BayPointe-LobbyVisitation rules in a psychiatric hospital are different from those in a medical hospital for therapeutic reasons. BayPointe understands that this may be difficult for parents and children, but it is vital that the rules are complied with so that each child or teen can receive the quality services he/she deserves.

    Only parents/guardians may visit unless others have been approved by the patient’s treatment team and parents. The immediate family is encouraged to visit; however, if parents or guardians wish for other family members to visit, particularly in their absence, the therapist needs to be informed. Only two people may visit at a time. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to visit. This includes siblings of the patients.

    Families living more than 25 miles from Mobile may look into the options offered by the Ronald McDonald House, which provides housing for families of hospitalized children.

    Visiting hours:

    • Tuesday, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Major Holidays, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

    Parental involvement in a child’s or teen’s treatment is vital to their successful stabilization. Therapeutic assignments may be provided during regular visiting hours. Therapeutic assignments can be useful in improving the lines of communication or directing the conversation around issues that need to be addressed. BayPointe does everything it can to make sure parents or guardians have time to visit with their child or teen. This may make it difficult to focus on an assignment if younger siblings are present. When child care options cannot be arranged, and parents need to visit, special visitation times may be helpful.

    Patients are not allowed to receive food, candy, gum or drinks from visitors. In an effort to protect our patient’s well-being, staff members will open all incoming packages in the presence of patients and the parent/guardian.

    To increase the assurance of safety, we ask that visitors do not bring handbags or cell phones into the hospital. If a child or teen requests anything, parents or guardians must check with the therapist, nurse or other staff to obtain approval. Car keys and photo ID are okay to bring into the building.

    Since patients are engaged in activities off the unit and personal hygiene activities, the time for patients to make phone calls is limited.


    Phone hours are from 4:30 p.m.– 6 p.m.*, and 7:30 p.m.– 9 p.m. daily (Consumer Code or Medical Record # is required.)
    Limit for phone calls is five minutes.
    * Please note that dinner is served each day from 5 to 5:30 p.m. and your child may be unavailable during that time.


    Patient Rights – BayPointe Children’s Hospital

    At BayPointe, we want to make sure you get the best care. So, if you are to get good care, there should be trust and respect between you and the people who give that care.

    No patient shall be refused services based upon their inability to pay.

    Patient Rights – EastPointe Hospital

    At EastPointe, we want to make sure you get the best care. So, if you are to receive good care, there should be trust and respect between you and the people who give that care.

    No patient shall be refused services based upon their inability to pay.

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