Purchasing Department Guiding Ethical Values

AltaPointe’s Purchasing Department is charged with managing the relationships with our vendors, assuring them of a full and fair hearing, and maintaining a level playing field with respect to bids, proposals, agreements and contracts.

The Purchasing Department staff are held to a high ethical standard in our relationships with all vendors of AltaPointe.  We believe it is important for you, as a prime trading partner, to understand our vendor policies regarding vendor relationships and our responsibility to enforce those policies.

In addition to being bound by the overall AltaPointe code of conduct and its guidance on gifts and amenities from vendors, Purchasing Department staff cannot accept gifts or amenities from vendors under any circumstances. Please ask your representatives who interact with the AltaPointe Purchasing Department not to offer any gifts or amenities of any value and to avoid placing any of our staff in any situation that could affect their employment with AltaPointe.

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