Mental Health Services and the 2016 Alabama State Budget

It is vital to communicate your concerns about the Alabama State Budget 2016 as proposed by the Legislature to your state representatives and senators.

Share your personal stories with officials in your own words. In addition, we suggest you include the following points to your elected officials:

  • Any budget cuts will have a negative impact on the delivery of services by the Alabama Department of Mental Health.
  • The Legislative proposed budget would significantly impact current and future services provided to individuals diagnosed and living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, serious mental illnesses, severe emotional disturbances (children and adolescents) and substance abuse disorders.
  • As the family member/relative/friend of an individual who depends on these services, not having access to these services will place my loved one/friend at risk of becoming sicker/their illness spiraling downward.
  • People with severe mental illnesses and disabilities are dependent on these services to survive and function in the community. Without these services, their safety and the safety of the communities in which they live will be jeopardized.
  • As a tax-paying, law-abiding resident of Alabama, I encourage you to consider the facts about how cutting funds for mental health disability services will, in the long run, cost all Alabamians more money. The expense of removing vital mental health services would be measured not just in dollars but in human lives.
  • Do not cut funding to the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Here is the contact information for state legislators from Baldwin, Mobile and Washington counties:

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Mobile County Legislative Delegation

104 S Lawrence St.
Mobile AL 36602
(251) 208-5480
Fax 251-208-5492

Baldwin and Washington County

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