Journey to Recovery

I am currently in recovery from a mental illness. My recovery is an ongoing process. I lost my father a few years ago and immediately my therapist and those who support me in the recovery process helped me to cope and begin the grieving process.

I am reminded that for anyone, not just people with a mental health disorder like me, grieving properly is a healthy way to continue on life’s journey. I have found many new beginning points along the way.

My independence is very important to me…especially as a young woman who has dealt with a combination of mental health disorders. Thankfully, my treatment team helps me build a strong recovery foundation to maintain my independence. Part of that includes attending the Independent Day Treatment program. It has been very beneficial in my recovery process. During day treatment I enjoy the way I am treated by the staff and my peers. Also, I have learned many techniques and skills to support and shape my independence.

I enjoy the various activities we do in day treatment. Some of my favorites are reading, writing and word search puzzles. I also enjoy listening to music and watching sports on television which all help me to relax and cope with my mental illness.