Journey to Recovery

Ringing in a new year as a patient in a psychiatric hospital isn’t something I ever dreamed I would do. Yet, when I realized I needed serious help, I voluntarily admitted myself into EastPointe Hospital in Daphne on Dec. 31. I had a setback with the death of my wife and I started drinking again so, I went over to EastPointe to get back on track.

I have bipolar disease and have been known to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. My mental illness coupled with addiction sent me to EastPointe. From the moment I was admitted I began working on my recovery and going home well. One of the staff members gave me some information about substance abuse, [saying] that there is a solution with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). I read those items every day and every night.

Since my release on Jan. 8, I have jumped back into sober living and taking care of my mental health. I credit my support system for this recovery; which includes my mother and AltaPointe, where I continue to receive outpatient services.

It’s not hard you just have to have the proper people in your life and in your corner. When you are going through difficult times, your family can be so wrapped up in their own lives; AltaPointe filled that gap for me. I thought I was fine and comfortable, but really [I was] just harming myself.