Journey to Recovery

Hi. I came to BayPointe Hospital in May 2015. When I first got here I did not think that I belonged here. As time went by I realized that there was a purpose. In the beginning, I had a lot of issues with getting along with my peers. Once the summer came and I had adjusted to BayPointe I started down a very positive path.

Even with all the drama on the unit, I was still able to consistently make level and I continued to progress. Then a change came when my therapist got a new job and I received a new therapist. I did not handle it well. For a few weeks, I regressed. I couldn’t deal with the changes my new unit therapist made. The unit therapist was not my individual therapist but she changed a lot of rules my previous therapist had. After accepting my old therapist was not coming back, I was able to understand and get along with the new unit therapist.

I’ve been here nearly a year. My advice for people getting admitted is…no matter what happens to make sure you focus on what is in front of you and to follow the program it makes things a lot easier. Don’t get caught up in mess and be respectful.

My advice to parents of the admitted is to listen to what your kids have to say. Be supportive in their treatment. And lastly, my advice to staff is to learn from the kids and in return, they will learn from you.