Journey to Recovery

It feels like a longing feeling in your gut.

Like missing a relative who was never good to you, an abusive boyfriend and the relationship has got to end.

Because after all, addiction is not a friend.

It feels like your mouth is watering for a food that makes you sick.

Saying yes to something your Jiminy Cricket says no to.

Addiction is like a best friend that controls your life.

It is not a friend at all.

Written by an adolescent substance abuse patient


“I usually wake up pretty upset no matter who is around since it really isn’t about people and more about the fact that I can’t drink. I’ve been hanging around friends less and less since I am more concerned about partying alone than seeing them. All they talk about anymore is how I have a problem. I don’t really care since going out with them usually ends in us getting angry at each other. I can’t really find anything else to do other than find some way to use or acquire an illicit substance. I do not know yet what I’ll do when I get bored of that though.”

Written by an adolescent substance abuse program patient


“Coping with addiction at such a young age is very challenging. You have peers around you pressuring you to do things you don’t want to do. You just have to think of yourself and the trouble you could get in if you give into the peer pressure.”

Written by an adolescent substance abuse program patient


“I am 16 and have been sent to court twice. It is hard being 16 and thinking of the life I have ahead of me. This is not the way to live. Just think of you loved ones, and how they feel when you go through this. It is simple…don’t do drugs.”

Written by an adolescent substance abuse program patient