What information is required on the AltaPraise?

An “AltaPraise” should include details of specific and exceptional customer service performed by an AltaPointe team. This service should exceed the expectations set forth in the 5SCC Standards of CARE. Only completed AltaPraise forms can be accepted.

The AltaPraise should describe how the AltaPointe group demonstrated at least one of the 5SCC Standard of CARE attributes that include being compassionate, accountable, respectful and encouraging. The Office of Public Relations processes each AltaPraise and makes sure the group being praised receives their AltaPraise.

In 2010, AltaPointe began a tradition. Each year, the Five -Star Committee and the administration review all of the previous year’s AltaPraise submissions to select employees that have shown exceptional service. At the Annual Meeting, those chosen employees receive special recognition as Stars of the Year with one being named Shining Star of the Year.