Delivery of Care

Clinical Model

Our clinical model of care helps individuals living with serious mental illness, emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, and substance abuse issues obtain the treatment and skills they require to succeed.

Staff Training

AltaPointe specially trains all direct-care staff in the prevention and management of aggressive behavior and crisis intervention. Staff members receive training and gain required experience to work with specialized populations.


AltaPointe’s clinical staff members meet the appropriate Alabama State Department of Mental Health and other professional certification and licensure requirements. All medical staff members, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, possess licensure and/or certification from appropriate state and/or professional agencies.

Treatment Teams

In addition to a psychiatrist and depending on the needs of the individual patient and the services offered by any particular inpatient or outpatient program, treatment teams may include social workers, licensed professional counselors, case managers, educational coordinators, discharge planners, recreational therapists and behavioral staff.

Electronic Medical Records Management

Simply put, EMR is a digital version of a patient’s chart containing all the current and relevant medical, psychiatric and medication history. With our secure EMR system, doctors can access and share treatment data at the click of a mouse. EMR improves the diagnosis, treatment and speed of care delivery. As a leader in healthcare innovation, AltaPointe has embraced the relatively new field of electronic medical records as a vehicle to improve patient care.

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