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Purchasing Department Vendor Application Process

Vendors who wish to do business with AltaPointe must follow the appropriate steps to be considered and approved. To expedite the process and insure fair practices, we ask vendors to adhere to the procedures. To begin the process, visit the Vendor Forms and Information page.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps people living with opioid addiction reclaim their lives. Most people need help to change addictive behavior into non-addictive, healthful patterns. Through its outpatient MAT program, AltaPointe professionals work with individuals who meet the criteria to provide medication-assisted treatment in an outpatient setting. Medication-assisted treatment has been used since the 1960s to help people who are dependent on opioids. A combination of medication assistance and continued support and therapy, to include individual, group and family counseling, helps most patients live free of addiction.

The program offers early morning hours that are conducive to work, family, and active lifestyles.

Patients may pay for services through Medicaid or other self-pay, sliding scale methods. Our specialists review payment methods and billing procedures during the initial phone assessment. Most patients may qualify for free services.

For program information, please call (251) 450-2211.

Let us help you find the right employee

We can do so much more than a “help wanted” ad. After learning about your business needs, AltaPointe’s dedicated Supported Employment team will help you find the right candidate, saving you time, and we’ll continue our support after hire, for as long as you would like.

It’s not just about finding an employee. It’s about finding the right employee.


The AltaPointe Supported Employment program assists individuals with mental illness find community-integrated competitive  employment with companies throughout our region. Cultivating opportunities with local employers is a key element in the supported employment process. The team works tirelessly with employers to help them understand the benefits of working with our Supported Employment program and encouraging their participation

Jackson Janitorial Services was recognized with the “2016 Employer of the Year” award for their continued support of our program and working with our clients. Jackson is just one of many local businesses utilizing our services.

If you are an employer seeking the best employee match for your business, please contact AltaPointe’s Supported Employment program for assistance.

For more information, contact our Supported Employment team at (251) 450-4301.






Let us help you with your job search


At AltaPointe, we strive to develop different competitive employment opportunities; all while providing the support you need to grow your skills and confidence, make new friends, earn some money and thrive in your job!

Our trained employment specialists will guide you through every step of the employment process helping to eliminate any undue stress. We understand the many challenges you may face from questions  about benefits, pressure from family members, even the lack of transportation.

The Supported Employment team works closely with individuals to:

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Help them establish realistic, personal goals
  • Help them address each of their concerns

Working in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, AltaPointe provides job education and competitive job placement  services for people living with mental illness who desire to work.

I hadn’t worked in a long time, so I was scared about starting a new job. Now that I am working, I feel like I can achieve my other goals.

From our initial meeting, we aim to build a trusting partnership with you. We take time to find out what you are good at and what you like to do. You may need help with your resume’, interview coaching or your needs might be greater; depending on your circumstances, we offer as little or as much assistance as you need or want. We want you to enjoy the benefits of working as soon as possible.

Whether you are a person living with mental illness who is searching for a competitive job, or an AltaPointe staff member working with someone who has expressed an interest in employment, please contact AltaPointe’s Supported Employment program for more information at (251) 450-4301.

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