The AltaPointe Shining Star Hall of Fame

Each year one of the stars of the year is chosen as “AltaPointe’s Shining Star”, it’s our equivalent of an employee of the year. The following staff members have received that highest praise and make up the AltaPointe Shining Star Hall of Fame.

Fairlie Schreiber, AltaPointe 2010 Star of the Year

Fay-SchreiberThe first AltaPraise Shining Star of the year was Fairlie “Fay” Schreiber, an AltaPointe Adult Outpatient Services Therapist. Schreiber received the honor in 2010. She has been with AltaPointe for more than three decades.

“Fay is absolutely the hallmark of what a social worker is meant to be,” Julie Bellcase, AltaPointe Chief of Staff, said. “She exemplifies how a patient should be treated.”



Cynthia Foster, AltaPointe 2011 Star of the Year

Cynthia-FosterAltaPointe’s Shining Star for 2011 was Cynthia Foster, case manager in AltaPointe Adult Outpatient Services. Foster oversees individuals living in semi-independent settings and is described as the life support for her consumers.

Megan Griggs, AltaPointe Adult Outpatient Director, said, “So many of her consumers have little or no family nearby, and they rely completely on Cynthia. She does an amazing job keeping them as healthy as possible.”


Cella Walker, AltaPointe 2012 Star of the Year

Cella-Walker_0092AltaPointe’s Shining Star for 2012 was Cella Walker, AltaPointe Performance
Improvement Consumer Needs Specialist. Walker is described as the epitome of customer service, who exudes a calm, cool and collected demeanor.

“She is a champion advocate,” Sherill Alexander, PI director, said. “She ensures that our consumers’ and caretakers’ feedback is heard and considered. She is a pleasure to work with.”



Roylyn Chaney, AltaPointe 2013 Star of the Year

Roylyn-foliage-backdropRoylyn Chaney is always on the move. The facilities manager for both EastPointe and BayPointe Children’s Hospital, he really goes the distance to deliver Five-Star Customer Service. Chaney is praised for seeking out vendors that will help reduce costs to the hospitals, and provides support when emergencies occur.

“Roylyn is a great representative of our department. He does everything with a smile on his face and without question. If something can’t be done he will tell you and tell you other ways to fix the problem,” Robert Carlock, AltaPointe Environment of Care director.