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AltaNews Summer 2020

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While many organizations were caught off guard, AltaPointe Health was not, thanks to a pandemic plan that has been in place since 2004. The Summer 2020 edition of AltaNews includes the COVID-19 impact on access to care, chronicles the beginning of a new first episode psychosis program, and announces a fellowship dedicated to providing specialized…

AltaNews Fall 2019

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Inside the Fall 2019 edition of AltaNews learn about the merger between AltaPointe Health and Mobile Arc that builds upon already excellent care provided by improving accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. The newsletter also features AltaPointe efforts to ensure safety, and a new option for treating major depressive disorder. AltaNews Fall 2019

AltaNews Winter 2019

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Inside the AltaNews Winter 2019 edition, you will learn how successful mergers benefit communities by using advanced technology and increasing services. Also included in the winter edition a look at robotic technology providing a higher level of care at AltaPointe’s Integrated Healthcare Pharmacy, and children’s services continue to grow across the seven-county continuum. AltaPointe is one…

AltaNews Summer 2018

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AltaNews Summer 2018 Inside the AltaNews Summer 2018 edition, you will learn about the work AltaPointe physicians are doing to help with the shortage of psychiatrists, steps NAMI is taking to improve the lives of our patients, and what AltaPointe staff are doing to raise suicide awareness.

AltaNews Winter 2018

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AltaNews Winter 2018  AltaPointe celebrates 60 years of community mental health. The legacy of AltaPointe was born from a need for mental health services 60 years ago when local authorities established Mobile County Community Mental Health. Also in this edition, telehealth helps patients access care, BayPointe Hospital expands its day treatment.

AltaNews Fall 2017

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AltaNews Fall 2017 AltaNews Fall 2017 takes an in-depth look at the opioid crisis sweeping the nation, telehealth, and AltaPointe’s help for the homeless.

AltaNews Spring / Summer 2017

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AltaNews Spring  / Summer 2017   Inside this issue, read about how Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is helping patients with PTSD. Plus, one patient shares her personal story of life after treatment for anxiety. Also included AltaPointe patients now have a new choice when it comes to filling their prescriptions, and it’s a convenient one.

AltaNews Winter 2017

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AltaNews Winter 2017 Inside this edition of AltaNews you will learn more about the merger between AltaPointe and Cheaha. AltaNews writers interviewed staff members in both regions about the changes. You can catch up on the latest in our school-based therapy program and find out about the role peer specialist play in our patients recovery….

AltaNews Summer/Fall 2016

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AltaNews – Summer-Fall 2016   Inside this issue of AltaNews you will find information on our merger with Cheaha Regional Mental Health Center, the importance technology plays in our patient care, and the Baldwin County Community Alliance’s , which operates through AltaPointe, role to keep prescription drugs away from teens.

AltaNews Spring 2016

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AltaNews Spring 2016 Inside the AltaNews Spring 2016 edition read up on Chuck Ingoglia, senior vice president of public policy and practice improvement for The National Council for Behavioral Health, presentation on national trends in behavioral healthcare during the 2015 AltaPointe Annual Meeting. You’ll also meet AltaPointe’s 2015 Stars of the Year.

AltaNews Fall 2015

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AltaNews Fall 2015 Newly appointed Alabama Commissioner of Mental Health Jim Perdue’s visit to AltaPointe, how day treatment participants battle stigma and new office space for EastPointe Hospital are all covered in the Fall 2015 edition of AltaNews.  

AltaNews Spring 2015

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AltaNews’ Spring 2015 edition is out. Inside you’ll find an article about Governor Robert Bentley’s visit to BayPointe Hospital to talk about possible cuts to mental health funding, and how AltaPointe is introducing trauma-informed care via The Grafton Model.

AltaNews Winter 2015

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Looking back at the history of Baldwin County Mental Health and forward to the successes of an expanded AltaPointe, case managers affect outpatient care in a positive way, new reading specialist joins LeMoyne School team, and CarePointe reports an increase of twice the number of calls since May 2014.

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