Employee Health

Accordia Health & Wellness is our initiative to provide better healthcare to our staff and their families so they can provide better care to the individuals we serve. We coordinate treatment, medications, referrals, and other aspects of care required to help our staff maintain wellness.

Accordia Health & Wellness offers a $0 copay for AltaPointe Health employees and their family members covered by AltaPointe’s health insurance plan. To schedule an appointment with Accordia Health & Wellness, please call (251) 517 – 8300. 

Accordia Health & Wellness New Patient Packet Registration and History Forms

Accordia Health & Wellness Primary Care Telehealth Consent

Accordia Health & Wellness Payroll Deduction Form for Employees

Accordia Health & Wellness Consent to Treatment and Disclosure of Health Information

Accordia Health & Wellness Statement of Understanding

Accordia Health & Wellness Informed Consent for Verbal/Email Exchange of Information

Accordia Health & Wellness Health History Update Questionnaire



AltaLife is an initiative to help AltaPointe Health employees improve their health and wellness through various activities and educational opportunities. It is a free resource for all employees. The goal is to provide better employee care so staff can provide the best care for the patients and individuals AltaPointe serves.


In addition to hosting an annual health fair, the AltaLife staff coordinates the following educational sessions that cover such topics:

✓ Financial Wellness
✓ The Importance of Self-Care
✓ Medicare Planning
✓ Free Health Screenings
✓ Provider Consultations

For a complete calendar of events, helpful tips, or vendor perks and discounts, visit the AltaLife page on AltaLink.

Contact AltaLife@AltaPointe.org with your questions or suggestions.


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