Supported Employment

supoorted-employees-bannerWorking in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, AltaPointe provides job education and placement services for patients undergoing psychiatric treatment and who desire to work. Individuals are taught resume preparation, interview supported-employees-officetechniques and social skills necessary to successfully obtain and maintain employment. After a job is secured for the patient, an AltaPointe employee is present on-site to assist during the training period. In most cases, patients can retain any government benefits they receive while being a productive member of the workforce.

“We know that many people living with mental illness want to work and are able to achieve and maintain competitive employment. At AltaPointe Health Systems, we believe that having a well-coordinated, appropriate job plays a vital role in the enhancing recovery and improving quality oflife. Guided by these beliefs, AltaPointe is committed to delivering high quality supported employment services to our patients.” Tuerk Schlesinger, CEO AltaPointe Health Systems.

Supported Employment benefits both the employee and employer.

Employees receive extra help, such as:

  • Extra job coaching
  • Support and encouragement from the
  • Job Coach and Job Developer
  • Assistance with training and educational needs, as appropriate

supported-employees-lab-sanitationEmployers receive:

  • Assistance in training new employees
  • Tax benefits
  • Financial compensation as available

To learn more, contact our Supported Employment at (251) 450-4301.