Children’s Outpatient Services


Children and teens with emotional and behavioral issues need special attention and specialized care in an environment especially designed for them. AltaPointe Children’s Outpatient Services include a wide variety of programs designed to treat children and teens ages 3-19, and their families, with the ultimate goal of helping children achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Many of these children may have been neglected and abused as well as have exhibited delinquent behaviors that affect their relationships with family, peers, teachers and others within the community. Children and teens admitted to this program reside in Alabama’s Mobile Bay and east-central regions.

AltaPointe’s healthcare professionals use evidence-based practices in treating trauma, bereavement, behavioral problems and other issues. Treatment is highly individualized and depends on the child’s symptoms, developmental level and individual needs.

Services may include:

  • Child-Outpatient-Sand-Therapyassessment and evaluation
  • supportive therapy
  • psychiatric services
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • systemic family therapy
  • behavior modification
  • social skills training
  • play therapy
  • expressive therapies
  • case management
  • day treatment

When a child or teen poses an actual or imminent danger to himself or others, referral to BayPointe Hospital, the region’s only free-standing psychiatric hospital for children and teens, is an option. Our comprehensive continuum of care assures that our patients receive the services they need to achieve wellness.

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